Magny-Cours 18-19 May 2024

Event Information

Magny-Cours Cups

Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours held Formula one for 18 years before 2009, and many of the corners are modelled on turns from other grand prix circuits. It has a mixture of slow hairpins and fast chicanes.

As you’d expect from a circuit which recently held the grand prix there is a lot of run-off areas, but also huge gravel traps.

Lap records: Overall: 1:51.036 (Bence Balogh, Evora GT4, 2018)

GT Cup: 1.54.137 (Wolfgang Henseler, Emira GT4, 19/5/2024)Exige Cup: 1.49.572 (Tamás Vizin, Exige V6 Cup R, 19/5/2024)
211/Open: 1.53.876 (Jean-Pierre Genoud-Prachex, 2-Eleven, 19/5/2024)Production: 1.59.159 (Mark Yates, Elise Cup R, 19/5/2024)