Paul Ricard 22-24 April 2022


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Paul Ricard is one of the most famous circuits in the world. It has hosted F1, has a lot of race history with Sport prototypes and bikes, used to be feared for it’s very long straights and technical sections, while being conveniently located on the French Riviera near Bandol.

During its life of hosting a round of the Formula One World Championship, Paul Ricard hosted the French Grand Prix on 14 occasions between 1971 and 1990. The Long Circuit was used from 1971-1985, with the Club Circuit used from 1986-1990. On six occasions (1971, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1980 and 1989) the winner at Paul Ricard went on to win the World Championship in the same year.

Paul Ricard is known as arguably the most modern and one of the safest circuits in the World. The track is known for its distinctive black and blue runoff areas known as the Blue Zone. The runoff surface consists of a mixture of asphalt and tungsten, used instead of gravel traps, as common at other circuits. A second, deeper run-off area is the Red Zone, with a more abrasive surface designed to maximize tyre grip and hence minimize braking distance, although at the cost of intense tyre wear. The final safeguard consists of Tecpro barriers, a modern improvement on tyre barriers.

We race on the full F1 circuit – 5.8 km | Lap Record – 1:32.740 (Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, 2019)

Event: Grand-Prix Camions du Castellet | Format: 3 races

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