Lotus 2-Eleven Brand New Chassis and Parts

£18,000   |   Location: United Kingdom

Tel: +447791763310

E-mail: dandjgr@gmail.com

Lotus 2 Eleven project including the following parts:

– Brand new replacement 2-Eleven chassis from Lotus with purchase receipt and correct chassis number stamped by Lotus. This chassis comes with a clean title and a V5 in my name and correct original 2-Eleven numbered build plate.

– Additional original 2008 damaged chassis (one of the original c350 numbered chassis made by Lotus) which could easily be repaired as racing spare.

– Original undamaged crash structure.

– Brand new Lotus 2-Eleven rear engine sub-frame with purchase receipt from Lotus.

– Brand new Lotus 2-Eleven wishbones with purchase receipt from Lotus.

– Used non-GT4 spec 2-Eleven roll bar.

– Brand new 2 Eleven front bulkhead.

– Second original bulkhead.

– Lotus 2-Eleven bodywork: side clams; rear clam; engine cover. All damaged and needing repair.

– Tillet B6 XL carbon seat in date FIA to 2026 by separate negotiation.

– Original purchase receipt and service history from Bell and Colvill from before the original chassis was damaged.

This is probably one of the last chances to buy a new 2-Eleven chassis anywhere in the world as Lotus have stopped making them and there is no more stock available. They are different from the Elise/Exige chassis.

All remaining parts needed are available from Elise-Spares etc or shared with the Lotus Elise 111R/SC/Exige S2 and available used or new from Lotus.

Ideal for race spares or for a Lotus Cup Europe build.
As you probably know if you are reading this, 2-Elevens are eligible for the 211/open class in Lotus Cup Europe and last year a 2-Eleven finished third in the overall championship. Also eligible and highly competitive in many other race classes in the UK and around the world.

Please call or WhatsApp Dan for more details. 
I have switched to an Exige, and so sadly no longer have the time to complete this build as originally planned. Open to sensible offers.

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Year: 2008

New rear engine sub-frame

New wishbones

Used non-GT4 spec roll bar

New front bulkhead