Le Mans 22-24 September 2023

Event Information

Le Mans is the epitome of motor racing emotion and Lotus Cup Europe returns once again as part of the huge 24 Heures Camions event. The centenary of the World’s greatest race, the Le Mans 24 Hours, will be decided just three months earlier. The French Grand Prix also visited the Pays de la Loire in 1967 on the Bugatti circuit, where Graham Hill lined up in pole position for Team Lotus.

Over 70,000 fans attend the 24 Heures Camions event, which features both the Championnat de France Camions and the FIA European Truck Racing Championship, in fact Lotus Cup Europe brings the only car racing to the event. Many spend the weekend at the circuit, and a spectacular Saturday evening programme includes action on the pit straight, fireworks and live music.

Format: 3 races

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Lap records: Overall: 1:45.920 (Bence Balogh, Evora GT4, 2022)

GT Cup: 1:45.920 (Bence Balogh, Evora GT4, 2022)Exige Cup: 1:46.127 (Tamas Vizin, Exige V6 Cup R, 2022)
211/Open: 1:48.584 (Chris Laroche, 2-Eleven, 2018)Production: 1:54.547 (Jason McInulty, Elise Cup R, 2022)

Entry List

Provisional entry list – this is currently being worked on

GT Cup

1 Bence Balogh – Evora GT4 FP
8 Sven Pettersson – Evora GT4 FP
11 Jason McInulty – Evora GT4
13 Wolfgang Henseler – Evora / Emira GT4


Exige Cup

17 Thierry Verhiest – Exige V6 Cup R FP
21 Daniel Palma – Exige V6 Cup R
52 Paul Maréchal – Exige V6 Cup R FP
55 Rainer Borgens – Exige V6 Cup R FP
81 Tamas Vizin – Exige V6 Cup R FP
99 Nikolaj Ipsen – Exige V6 Cup R FP


7 David McInulty – Elise ESR
14 Nathalie Genoud-Prachex – 211
79 Jean-Pierre Genoud-Prachex – 211


30 Dave Carr – Exige S2
32 Robbe Janssens – Elise Cup R FP
33 Bailey Edwards – Elise Cup R FP
37 Mark Yates – Elise Cup R
58 Kai Leymann – Elise Cup R FP
59 Robin Nilsson – Elise Cup R
63 Mick Edwards – Elise Cup R FP


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