Nurburgring 11-13 September 2020

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Event Information

For motor racers from all over the world, the Nürburgring is a legend. It is regarded as the mother of all racetracks – and the term traditions actually is just too weak to describe its reputation. On 18th June, 1927, the circuit staged its first race – just two years after the cornerstone ceremony. Since then, the legendary Nordschleife has been cherished and feared by the drivers in equal measure. And at the latest when three-time F1 World Champion Jackie Stewart called the circuit in the late 1960s ‘Green Hell’, the myth was born. Up to 1993, DTM also raced at the Nordschleife but to provide the visitors maximum race action, the DTM races have been held for many years at the GP circuit’s short version, resulting in more laps and – consequently – even more fascination DTM.

Entry List

This entry list is currently being worked on

V6 Cup

02 Pieter Verlinde – Evora GT4
07 David Mcinulty – Exige V6 Cup R
08 Janos Santa – Exige V6 Cup R
09 Xavier Georges – Exige V6 Cup R
11 Jason Mcinulty – Exige V6
17  Thierry Verhiest – Exige V6 Cup R
21 Daniel Palma – Exige V6 Cup R
55 Dariusz Cegielski – Exige V6 Cup R
59 Robin Nilsson – Exige V6
81 Tamas Vizin – Exige V6
88 Sven Pettersson – Evora GT4
99 Nikolaj Ipsen – Exige V6 Cup R
TBC TBC – Exige V6 Cup R


06 Eric Libor – 211
12 Ian Fenwick – 211
14 Nathalie Genoud-Prachex – 211
92 Christophe Lisandre – 211


31 Dave Carr – Elise Cup R
32 Cai Cederholm – Elise Cup R
33 Bailey Edwards – Elise Cup R
34 Mick Edwards – Elise Cup R
72 Dan Plant – Elise S2
79 Jean-Pierre Genoud-Prachex – Cup R
85 Toby Goodman – Elise Cup R

Not racing C19 related

01 Bence Balogh – Evora GT4
04 Matthias Radestock – Elise S3
19 Paul Pattison – Exige S1
37 Mark Yates – Elise Cup R
41 Anthony Fournier – 211
51 David Harvey – 340R
69 Ryan Savage – 211
113 György Balogh – Evora GT4

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