S2 Sport 190 – K20 & Sequential

£32,995   |   Location: London

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E-mail: mike@mph.im

I write this advert as the car is currently having some new looms built to fit the new dash, extinguisher and battery cut off in order to go racing in it. I’m neither set on selling it nor desperate to. I’m on a mission to go racing and I’m torn between doing it in this or buying something eligible for a single-make series, I’m leaning towards this being a little too nice to be raced by a novice. I’m advertising it to see if there is a genuine buyer out there, if there is then it can be sold 🙂

Following the discovery of a chassis repair I was unsure of, the car was rebuilt onto a brand new chassis from Lotus in 2018 by Lotus Dealer Hofmanns of Henley. The car retains it’s original chassis number and is not recorded.

Shortly after the rebuild, I replaced the Supercharged UK K20A2 with a 60k mile JDM K20a (With new chain and tensioners) and Quaife sequentia. Once mounted, this went to Dan@HPE for installation, setup and mapping where it made very strong numbers (235bhp, compared to the usual 210-215 expected for a stock K20!)

Spec is too long to remember/list but I’ll do my best here;
2002 Lotus Elise Sport 190
Original K20 conversion by Hoffmann’s
Low mileage JDM K20a with Skunk2 Ultra making 235bhp @ HPE’s conservative rollers
Mocal Oil Cooler
Baffled sump
Spitfire Engineering fuel pump
Pro-alloy fuel tank
ITG Enclosed air filter
Kpro v4 ECU mapped by Dan@HPE
Quaife Sequential gearbox (Revised v2 version and has only done 2 trackdays and ~100 miles) with flatshift by Geartronics Easyshift
Nitron ‘Hofmanns spec’ NTR40 dampers & Eibach springs
Suspension rebuilt with nitron bearings, fresh ball joints and uniball toe links < 5k miles ago
Nitron quick rack
Racefab light weight motorsport reduced bump steering arms & rose jointed rod ends
Lotus AP 4 Piston front calipers on two piece Alcon 308mm rotors.
Lotus motorsport 2 piston rear calipers on two piece Alcon 288mm rotors.
Safety devices full roll cage (Front can be removed very easily)
Polycarb rear window
Reverie CF Seats with 6 point harnesses
OMP Wheel with removable boss
Dash2Pro Dash with GPS lap timer and Go Pro Cable
Lightweight single skin CF roof panel
Lightweight CF boot panel (also includes original)
CF Side pods
Chassis mounted Reverie CF wing
BAMD CF Diffuser
Sport 190 front splitters
Chris Tullet 28″ repackable silencer
SJ Racing forged wheels
Armorfend protected front clam
Lightweight battery and cage

Yet to be fitted, but can be included or even fitted by negotation;
Armtech battery cut off
Lifeline 360 eletrically activated plumbed extinguisher

Car weighs 762kg with no fuel.

All in all, it’s a very sorted and very fast car where at this point everything has been refurbished or replaced bar the low mileage engine. Mileage on original stack (included) is 47k miles. The car has done around 1000 miles since the rebuild.

I recently took it on a road trip around Germany and the Nurburgring and it was as at home on country roads as it is on a race track.

It’s sat sort of in between extreme road/track car and race car at the moment and could be used for either. The only thing it needs to go racing is the last bits fitting, but could also be pretty civilised with the brand new full carpet set I have for it.

It’s the ultimate track day weapon IMO and in it’s current guise has managed to improve on some of the lap times from when it was supercharged!

If sold for asking price, I’ll include the full set of spares I have for this including 2x sets of TD1.2s, one with R888Rs, the other with Avon race wets, 6x hillclimb slicks, soft top, original rear hatch, various sensors, MFRU, fuel pump, original stack, and a box full of assorted bits. There’s probably £4k worth there alone.

Will consider PX/swap with ready to race Caterham, Hot hatch or K/Toyota engined Elise race car or a significantly cheaper Elise/Exige road car.

– Mike Hughes

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Year: 2002

K20 conversion

Pro-alloy fuel tank

Quaife Sequential gearbox

NTR40 dampers

Nitron quick rack

Full roll cage

Reverie CF Seats

Dash2Pro Dash