Tyres – Avon ZZR

We strongly recommend all competitors to ‘scrub’ new tyres in. This helps increase a tyre life and also its consistency over long runs.
– More information on Avons Scrubbing in procedure.

Temperature Operating Range: 70°C – 100°C
Tread Temperature Delta (Inside to Outside shoulder): Max 20°C

Measuring tyre tread temperatures can be a useful tool for optimising the handling balance of a vehicle. Avon recommend measuring the temperature at three points across the width of the tyre contact patch (inside, middle and outer). The quoted values for temperature operating range are when using a needle style pyrometer and recording temperature at the base of the tread. The inside shoulder temperature should be hotter than the outside shoulder. Surface temperture readings will be approx. 30°C lower, but can be used as a guide.

Tyre Pressures:

Elise S1, Elise S2, Exige S2, 111R S2, 340R, 2-Eleven, Elise S1 Exige, Elise S2 Exige and Elise 111R:

Suggested Pressure (Hot):29psi (2.0bar)29psi (2.0bar)

V6 Exige and Evora:

Minimum Pressure (Cold):21psi (1.45bar)21psi (1.45bar)
Suggested Pressure (Hot):29psi (2.0bar)29psi (2.0bar)


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