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For 2023 Lotus Cup Europe will exclusively use the Nankang CR-S tyre. This tyre is due into Europe in the spring of 2023.

“We have been developing this tyre for the last 3 years with extensive testing with a clear goal to make this tyre a step up from the already success AR-1 tyre. The CR-S is designed to be a faster tyre than AR-1 but also a more consistent tyre as well. Furthermore, it is also designed to be even more road use friendly with better driving comfort, lower noise & better in wet condition than the AR-1. It’s a big challenge to make the car faster on track and at same time also better in overall for road use but after lots of trial and error, we are finally ready to launch it in 2023 in Europe.” Shane Yang – Nankang Motorsport

More information on CR-S: Click Here

Nankang AR-1: In addition to the new CR-S tyre Nankang continue to supply the AR-1 tyre in the UK & Europe. The AR-1 is available in most sizes and is road legal. More information here.

User Advice & Scrubbing In:

We strongly recommend all competitors to ‘scrub’ new tyres in. This helps increase a tyre life and also its consistency over long runs; more information on Nankang’s Scrubbing in procedure can be found here.

Temperature Operating Range: 70°C – 100°C Tread Temperature Delta (Inside to Outside shoulder): Max 20°C Measuring tyre tread temperatures can be a useful tool for optimising the handling balance of a vehicle. Nankang recommend measuring the temperature at three points across the width of the tyre contact patch (inside, middle and outer). The quoted values for temperature operating range are when using a needle style pyrometer and recording temperature at the base of the tread. The inside shoulder temperature should be hotter than the outside shoulder. Surface temperature readings will be approx. 30°C lower but can be used as a guide.

Tyre Pressures:

Minimum Pressure (Cold):21psi (1.45bar)21psi (1.45bar)
Suggested Pressure (Hot):29psi (2.0bar)29psi (2.0bar)

Tyre Spring Rates:

  • Evora GT4 Spring Rate Data – Coming soon
  • Exige V6 Cup Spring Rate Data – Coming soon

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