Contact us for entry status and car validity

Please email us giving details about yourself, your car and when you plan to start competing in Lotus Cup Europe. We will add you to our drivers mailing list and ensure you receive all driver bulletins and regulations updates. →

Race licence: Drivers will require a minimum of an International D licence. Those in the UK can upgrade to an International D once they have a National A licence, no additional signatures are required.

LoTRDC Racing Membership

All new competitors should complete this one-off payment for membership to LoTRDC. You may pay online using this button: £50 Buy Now


Entry Forms

The following forms are required to be submitted.

2020 Registration & Entry Form
2020 Technical Document


Entry fees 2020

All payments will be made to LoTRDC Ltd. If you have a problem paying online, or would prefer to pay via a bank transfer please e-mail us at . To pay for multiple items you may simply click your browser’s ‘go back’ button from the cart to return to this page.

2020 Season Registration
All drivers should complete this payment to register for Lotus Cup Europe in 2020. 250€/£225 Buy Now

Season Option 1 – All 7 rounds in advance
Includes all 7 rounds in 2020
(includes FP1, Qually and 2 or 3 races. Additional paying practice sessions will be available)
 8000€/£7100 Buy Now

Season Option 2 – Pre-payment to guarantee Option 1
Includes all 7 rounds in 2020. Total – 8750€/£7800.
Non-refundable payment of 3000€/£2700 by 1/12/2019. Followed by a payment of 3000€/£2700 by 1/2/2020 and 2750€/£2400 by 15/4/2020.
(includes FP1, Qually and 2 or 3 races. Additional paying practice sessions will be available)
3000€/£2700 Buy Now

Additional Free Practice – season in advance
(minimum of – if we confirm any additional FP time it will be included in this package)
Hockenheim – 30 minutes
Paul Ricard – 2 x 30 minutes
Spa – currently none (Thursday test day available)
Brands Hatch – currently none
Nurburgring – 25 minutes
Le Mans – 2 x 40 minutes
Monza – 25 minutes
1000€/£900 Buy Now

Free Practice sessions as above will also be available to book on a round by round basis at 300€ each, rising to 350€ one month before the relevant event

Entries will be open for available grid places on a round by round basis. After payment of 2020 registration fee. Prices will rise 30 days before each event by 200€. Entry fee may rise or fall based on exchange rate. Note: Round by round entries may close without notice.

Full season payment is fully refundable if cancelled before 1st January 2020, after this date no refund will be given for all or any part payment. Part payment options have non-refundable payment but other payments are refundable if cancelled before 1st January 2020. No advance payments will be refunded after 1st January 2020.

 Individual – #1 Hockenheim
 Individual – #2 Spa Francorchamps  1500€ CANCELLED
 Individual – #3 Brands Hatch  1500€ Buy Now
 Individual – #4 Nurburgring  1500€ Buy Now
 Individual – #5 Le mans  1500€ Buy Now
 Individual – #6 Paul Ricard
 1500€ Buy Now
 Individual – #7 Monza  1500€ Buy Now


Additional Track Time

Hockenheim – Friday LCE exclusive ‘test session’ – 30 mins 300€ CANCELLED
Paul Ricard – Friday LCE exclusive ‘test session’ – 2 x 30 mins 300€ Buy Now
Monza – Friday LCE exclusive ‘test session’ – 25 mins 300€ Buy Now
Nürburgring – Friday LCE exclusive ‘test session’ – 25 mins
(price rises to 300€ on 15/8, online option closes 6/9, 350€ if paid on the day)
300€ Buy Now
Le Mans – Friday LCE exclusive ‘test session’ – 2 x 40 mins
(price rises to 400€ on 15/8)
300€ Buy Now